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Carbon dioxide

We begin with valuing our planet, accepting the science, and recognizing that preventing climate change is a human duty, vital to society and essential to sustaining a thriving economy.

We demand moral courage, the reimagining of the nature of money and our economic principles, daring to intellectually lead where our markets and governments have failed us.

We require the humility to accept that our current political and economic structures are not suited to find the solutions required to tackle the issue of climate change – we must.

We create trust among ordinary people, reaching across our boundaries to unite as a civil community based on a single shared value – that reducing atmospheric carbon is intrinsically valuable to humanity, our civilization, and its future prosperity.

We require the wisdom to accept that economic activity is not inherently bad and that it leads to positive outcomes; and that it is unrealistic and unfair to expect economic activity to cease or diminish but it is rational to expect an efficient and incentivised market to innovate and find solutions.

We thrive on moral imagination: the audacity to imagine an evolved economic order that assigns financial value to our environment, its assets, and their utility.

We are driven by an ambition to create a new global financial system and market that values and rewards carbon emission reduction activity and invests to grow our collective environmental wealth by expanding carbon markets.

We are a community that is patient and resilient and determined, a community that rejects complacency, breaks down bureaucracy, and challenges convention.

We believe we have the means to easily unite across borders and agree that removing carbon has intrinsic value, and that the simplest way to demonstrate such agreement would be to use such carbon removals as means to store, exchange and account for value amongst ourselves – as our money.

Our Manifesto

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